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Will I get the same feed-in tariff rate if my solar panels are storm damaged?

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Q: Following on from the ‘storm’, I was wondering what would happen if any existing registered solar panels were damaged and needed to be replaced. Would they slot into the existing feed-in tariff (we got on to the higher rate before it was changed), or would they be under the new lower rate payments? Just wondering!!??

A: I had a similar enquiry a while ago, about a solar system that was damaged by fire. I contacted both the department of energy and climate change (DECC) and the regulator Ofgem.

Ofgem’s spokesman said that he thinks that in cases where parts of the system are intact people can probably go ahead and replace the rest within the same FIT contract; and where the whole system is destroyed then they probably need to start again. However, there wasn’t a totally clear message coming from either of them.

In this situation, your first port of call would be your feed-in tariff licensee (the energy company that pays you the feed-in tariff). If you were’nt happy with what they said, then you could contact the energy ombudsman.

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