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Solar PV Programs Are Helping Make The World A Better Place

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In this section, we’ll look at some of the amazing solar pv programs that are springing up around the world. Countries using solar power are growing by the day. From residential use to massive solar power plants, the solar revolution gathers pace.

Solar PV investments are gathering pace around the world. With the realisation setting in that we no longer can rely on fossil fuels for our energy for much longer, investment in solar power has exploded over the last few years.

Governments around the world are handing out huge incentives for businesses and individuals alike to invest in solar energy.

Germany leads the way in Europe, with the Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece catching up rapidly.

In the US, California leads in way. In fact, California is the worlds third largest solar PV market in the world. There is $3.2 billion funding for the next 11 years. This long term incentive scheme creates a solid base for new start-ups, and gives the thumbs up for solar pv investments and international PV companies.

Japan is leading the way in Asia. And it won’t be long before China overtakes everybody seeing as they manufacture most of the solar panels on the market.

So with all these initiatives gathering pace, electricity prices going through the roof, the future for solar energy is looking very rosy indeed.

Over the years, the average cost of a solar PV installation cost has decreased dramatically.

With the advantages of solar energy becoming all too apparent and with government incentives and innovative group purchasing programs making solar energy more affordable for everyone, solar energy seems set to explode.

Since mid-2008, solar PV modules’ prices have fallen by 40% and the average solar energy installation has dropped in price by 10% from 2008-2009.

In its recent report, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) indicated that the U.S. PV electricity market had an installed capacity of around 477 MW in 2009. The US percentage of the world market has dropped and the likes of Spain and Germany dominate.

With the emergence of China and the US seemingly committed to green renewables the future looks very bright indeed for solar energy.

Environment America has reported that 35-40% of homes nationwide could have PV installed on them. With 13% of Utilities providers believing that centralized electric generation will be obsolete by 2050 and with household solar energy installations growing faster than utility-scale solar, this seems a very real possibility.

Environment America also reported that by 2020, 10% or more of total electricity consumption in the US could come from solar energy. Of course, clear policies to support solar pv programs need to be implemented as soon as possible in order to achieve these aims.

IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka said, “This decade is crucial for effective policies to enable the development of solar electricity. Long-term oriented, predictable solar-specific incentives are needed to sustain early deployment and bring both technologies to competitiveness in the most suitable locations and times.”

Solar PV Programs Are Rolling Out Worldwide

Lets face it, we can’t rely on fossil fuels forever. Fortunately, solar energy projects are becoming more and more popular. The worldwide demand for solar energy is currently greater than supply.

But we are slowly getting there!

In fact, Shell Oil predicts that 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2040. And a large part of that will be from initiatives like the ones I’ll be showing you here.

But it’s not just governments pouring money into solar energy projects. Independent bodies as well are doing so.

Here arre a few solar energy programs being introduced worldwide.

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