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Solar Power Water Heaters

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Solar Power Water Heaters

Solar power water heaters are the most popular choice of solar energy for many families. And why is that? Well, when you buy solar water heaters it;

  • Saves you money – This is a no brainer. Of course you have the start-up costs to consider but after that, your costs are zero. The advantages of solar power water heaters is that there is a better and faster payback — only 7-15 years for an average household, as compared to the PV (although PV is becoming more economical with the introduction of the feed in tariff).
  • Environmentally friendly – Solar water heaters are green, clean and renewable.
  • Low maintenance – No moving parts makes solar panels virtually maintenance free.
  • Independence – Another of the overlooked benefits of solar power is that they operate entirely independently of the energy companies.

Efficiency Of Solar Hot Water Heaters

In an average climate, solar power water heaters can provide around 50% to 75% of your domestic hot water.

However, the more progressive solar hot water panels have an overall efficiency of almost 80%.

How much to install?

The cost of hiring a company to install a solar hot water heater can be relatively expensive for many people. The normal price would be about £3000-£5000 ($4000-$7000). And there are a lot of amateurs ripping people off with vastly inflated prices.

Look for installers who are experienced and skilled in establishing solar power systems and find those companies with acknowledged heating and plumbing certifications.

To buy solar water heaters from the top installer in the UK – who we have an exclusive agreement with – click on the form to the right of the screen. You will receive a quote within 24 hours.

If you are looking to buy a solar water heater, make sure it includes:

-The frame and header have a warranty for 5 years.-The controller and pump including a warranty for 2 years-The glass-evacuated tubes have a 10-year warranty-All the warm water cylinders come with the warranties of their manufacturers.

The DIY route

Basically, if you have a decent grasp of diy then you can easily build your own solar power water heater. To build your own residental solar power system you would require

  • 20 tube panel
  • roof mounting kit
  • retro-fit coil
  • Solar controller
  • Circulation Pump + iso valves
  • non-return valve
  • pressure system kit
  • 10m armaflex HT insulation

Where to buy solar water heater

If you don’t feel up to the DIY route, I’d advise you shop around for the best deal because solar installers charge wildly varying prices. It’s best to do your homework beforehand.

Getting the most out of your solar water heaters

Many factors go into getting the most out of your solar hot water heating system. Whether you have one professionally installed or whether you build your own diy solar heating system here are a few things to consider;

a) the changes in the atmosphere and the amount of solar energy in the midst of winter and summer seasons.

b) the atmospheric conditions during the night and day cycle.

c) the amount of hot water required during the winter season when the most amount of hot water is usually required.

For better efficiency, it is ideal that solar energy panels must be situated on a pitched roof facing south, within an angle between 20 to 50 degrees which can be mounted on a slanted frame on the flat roof or on the ground.

Your solar panels must be free from shade. The most common residential installation needs 2-5 square meters of roof area and you might also require extra space for a water cylinder if needed.

You’ll need around five square metres of roof space which faces east to west through south and receives sunlight for most of the day.

The solar water heating panels needn’t be installed on your roof: they can be installed on a frame on a flat roof or from a wall.

So why buy solar power water heaters

By using the sun’s free solar energy you can reduce your hot water energy consumption by 50-90% depending on where you live. That’s up to 90% less gas or electricity which needs to be produced. 

Once solar water heaters are installed, an average home can expect to save money off its energy bills year after year. And with the way energy costs are increasing around the world, the savings could be even greater in the future.

Not only will you make big savings on your energy costs, using the sun’s free solar energy is great for the environment. An average family of four can save up to 3 or 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a conventional electric water heater. That’s the same as taking a small car off the road! So you will be doing your bit for the environment as well.