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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Companies Can Provide A Clean And Enviromentally Safe Alternative To Fossil Fuels

Renewable energy companies are becoming increasingly important in these times of rapidly rising energy prices and warnings of global warming doing irreparable damage to the planet.

I realise that more consumers than ever before are becoming aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly as they turn to renewable companies for their energy needs.

And what is known as ‘sustainable energy’ such as wind power or solar panels, can offer a major boost to the environment.

Solar panels and fossil fuel

For a start, the UK with 1% of the world’s population, emits 2.3% of the world’s CO2. Now that can’t be right can it?

Something needs to be done. And quickly. And I’m not even talking about global warming either. We need alternative sources of energy just to exist.

Lets face it, supplies of fossil fuels will eventually run out and gas and electricity suppliers have been told to make sure that at least 4.9% of all energy they provide comes from sustainable sources. This is why we need investment in renewable energy companies.

A lot of this will come from solar energy. There are several advantages of solar energy over other forms of green energy.

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So What Exactly Is Renewable Energy?

Here are the four classes of renewable energy – solar power, wind, hydroelectric and biomass:

Solar – converts the sun’s energy into electricity and heat using solar panels. According to Friends of the Earth, covering 1% of the Sahara desert with solar panels could generate all current global electricity demand. So why aren’t we doing this? One wonders! But if we all invested in home solar power systems with government subsidies, we’d start to become self reliant and wouldn’t have to rely on other countries for our oil.

Wind – electricity from wind energy. The UK has, in the form of wind power, the largest sustainable energy resource in Europe. And around the world, more and more governments are urging the implementation of solar power for homes.

Hydroelectric – Energy in flowing water is harnessed.

Biomass – Natural materials burnt to provide energy.

Why Solar Energy?

Because solar energy is the most sustainable of them all. As you will have noticed, there has been a concerted effort to push solar power by governments around the world.

Rebates and feed in tariffs have been introduced to support the growth of solar energy making it more affordable for everyone.

Green Electricity

Plus, a few electricity co’s are now providing what’s called ‘green tariffs’. There are two types:

A Green Power Supply – The electricity supplier ensures that for every unit of electricity you use, the same amount of green electricity is generated.

A Green Fund – Where the electricity company takes the extra you pay on your bill and invests the money into renewable energy projects.

It is extremely easy to switch to a green energy tariff and there is generally no need for any work to be done to your home. You can also pay by monthly direct debit which will further cut gas and electricity prices.

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