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Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Saves Money

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If you install solar power outdoor lighting, you can light up your garden or yard at night without it breaking your bank balance and with no cost to the environment.

From simply enhancing the look of your garden at night, to lighting car parks, airports, shops or streets the green and easy way, every scenario is possible.

You see, solar outdoor lights generate and store the power of the sun during the day and then releases the energy at night. Its almost like magic. And, even better, it’s all FREE! You’re only cost is the initial purchase of the solar lights.

n fact, with governments pushing for more cost efficient and environmentally lighting, experts predict that most outdoor lighting will convert to solar powered outdoor lighting.

Benefits of Solar Outdoor Lighting

  • Environmentally friendly – Solar outdoor lighting use the sun’s energy, which is renewable and free. They emit no pollution.
  • Save Cash – Slash your electricity bill. Using the sun’s power saves money on your electricity bill.
  • Low Maintenance – No wires. Solar lighting can be easily installed in outdoor locations with no need for running cables, or digging up the garden.
  • Cool Designs – Solar energy lights now come in a wide range of styles and types to suit every outdoor application. They can be used on pathways, walls, patio lighting, landscape features.
  • Solar power outdoor lighting can be a touch more expensive than normal lights to buy, but once up and running, you have no further costs because the power of the sun is free.

With costs of solar lights continually dropping and with the ease of use and little maintenance involved in the upkeep of it, solar lights have become an increasingly flexible, clean and environmentally friendly and economic solution to outdoor lighting problems.

Types of Solar Power Lighting

  • Solar Pool Lighting – Well, if you happen to have a spa or a swimming pool in your garden, solar lighting can look great, with your desired lighting setting atmospheric hues and colours to liven up your home.
  • If you need some examples, you can play with green, aqua and blue hues for a cool and exhilarating impact. Or if you want a more warm and welcoming feel to your area, then why not opt for yellows, oranges and reds.
  • Garden Rock lighting – During the day, they may appear as nicely positioned ornamental rocks and stones, but when night comes, the stored solar energy is emitted giving off glows and shades on your highlighted features such as shrubs, fountains and hedges, especially your radiant flowers.
  • Ground stake lighting. This kind of solar power outdoor lighting has a variety of colours, finishes and styles. The most well-known ones are the conventional ones like the copper or brass and stainless steel most often used in order to frame or outline a driveway or the outer edges of your patio spot.
  • Solar Deck Lighting – This type of solar power outdoor lighting have numerous sizes and shapes. From spot lighting to corner lights, they are very practical and attractive when it comes to lighting your cooking area or if you have an outdoor grill, then this is highly advisable.

Why Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Solar power outdoor lighting would greatly enhance the aura and appeal of any of your home’s exteriors such as your patio, landscape, backyard, terrace, front yard, garden, or walkways to simply highlight some shadows over your chosen areas like your favorite poolside spot, pretty flower arrangement or wherever you want it to be – it’s your choice.

It is advisable to replace the rechargeable batteries every 18-24 months. Usually, most of the solar energy lights use rechargeable batteries (AA) and they could be bought almost anywhere–from electronic stores and hardware stores which sells batteries.

Solar outdoor lighting is a great edition to your garden as they will save you money in the long run and solar energy is, of course,  environmentally friendly.

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