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Solar Panels In Winchester: Saving Hundreds on Energy Bills

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Welcome to a world where every home and business in Winchester, England benefits from a fully solar powered energy cycle utilising the latest and greatest solar panels in Winchester.  From Littleton to Kings Worthy and Fulflood to Denmead and Sutton Scotney. Every single home, lamp post, traffic light, vending machine and business is on the solar power system in Winchester of which every single person outside of Winchester, Hampshire is envious of.

66% of Winchester residents say they would be interested in saving on energy bills by using renewable energy instead.

66% of Winchester residents say they would be interested in saving on energy bills by using renewable energy instead.

Why? Well it’s not the enormous amount of Winchester solar panels that astronauts swear they can see from space on a sunny day in gardens and fields surrounding the city. Nor is it the fact this former capital city of England has the cleanest and most energy efficient city in the world.

No, people are envious of the solar power in Winchester because it saves the residents and businesses a phenomenal amount of money on their quarterly energy bills. An amount so significant that protests have begun in rival cities in England, Europe and America against their own councils and government for not providing a similar incentivised structure.

While citizens elsewhere are up in arms at having to pay taxes towards nuclear energy power plants and coal fuel. The people of Winchester are excluded from such tax raising as they actually under use the electricity generated and resell the overflow to the National Grid which of course the rest of the nation pays for.

The solar panels in Winchester are either present due to initial investment by homeowners who bore the cost with their individual DIY solar panel kits. Or by having them installed professionally from solar power manufacturers, or homeowners and business who received free solar panels thanks to the grants in place from websites such as the Energy Saving Trust.

Many people may find this story incredible which is why it is. With climate change boffins about to be accused of being fantasists with the latest UN report coming out, it is essential that people understand the many reasons why changing the way we think about energy use and where it comes from is important and not wholly just to save the planet.

It’s also essential to get homeowners and business to think of the savings, even if the cost of initial investment is a little steep. We delve into a world of Winchester solar panels and solar power. A real city with an imaginary all inclusive city wide energy source that is forever renewable which is in essence,  a fairy tale that should be true.

How Do Solar Panels Work In Winchester And The Advantages?

Solar energy panels and wind turbines are being adopted by consumers and businesses.

Solar energy panels and wind turbines are being adopted by consumers and businesses.

Pretty much the same way as they do in Southampton is the easy answer. But exactly what is solar power and what are the advantages of solar panels being used in the home, office or for a larger business? Let’s first understand how the solar power in Winchester is used and what it generates.

Winchester is one of a collection of southern most cities in the UK, the area offers a better weather pattern than say the the most effective green energy and wind farms in the Scottish Hebrides. Though the South of England can get very windy too, the day light is more favourable as a renewable energy facilitator. It’s not that solar power requires a full on sunny day, just that the most daylight helps when considering how much energy you can expect to generate in any one such location.

It’s the UV radiation from the sun and the ultra violet light that matters. If there’s a high level of UV radiation on any given day, most likely a sunnier period then no matter whether it rains or is cloudy, as long as the day is light your solar panels in Winchester will be absorbing rays and converting matter into mindful energy saving electricity from a renewable source.

Now the key question by many is how does that yellow thing in the sky create clean energy that lasts forever and if it really does, why don’t we just convert wholesale? It’s a good question to ponder the answer to. However solar energy in Winchester isn’t eternal, we’re not talking fusion here, merely using UV light that passes through to Earth from the Sun.

It is clean however and renewable in that we don’t pay to power the sun or need to burn other fuels to make it work. It just does and it’s one of the advantages of solar panels and a method by which we humans should install more of. Not least because it saves us a lot of heard earned money but essentially, you can also save a lot of money. Oh yes, and save the planet!

The original question was how do solar panels work? Well the majority of solar panels for your home are photovoltaic panels. The wording simply suggests that they’re light electricity panels, they convert light to electricity. Back in the year 1835 a gentleman by the name of Edmund Bequerel, a French physicist, discovered that certain elements when approached by light generated electricity naturally.

Some of those elements in use today worldwide are silicon crystal. The solar panels in your home use two layers. As with most elements in nature there are electrons that oppose and react to each other. These atoms – all working at a microscopic atomic level, are made uneven in both the top and bottom sheets of silicon crystal so that they dance around and excite each other.

When light is presented to these silicone crystals which are sandwiched together on a large scale and shielded by a reflective glass and a contact, an electric current is generated in the photovoltaic cells caused by their sheets of atoms interacting. This direct current is then fed through an inverter and back into your home as an alternating current to use with appliances and other electricals. In turn delivering you home made electricity that is far cheaper, much cleaner and renewable as long as the day (light) is long.

Cost Of Solar Panels In Winchester And The Feed In Tariff Scheme

You could save approximately £180 a year based on statistics from USwitch

You could save approximately £180 a year based on statistics from USwitch

Not every country or council gets it right. That’s meaning to say that when it comes to new technology, depending on the belief of the members of government or elected councils, you may never get to hear about the advantages of solar power and only the cost of solar panels. A direct relationship but one that government and business can both absorb in the long run. Should they wish to.

In the UK there are a variety of current incentives when it comes to wishing to invest in solar power panels. The first way is to bear the cost yourself. £6500 will buy an average 3 Kw solar panel installation which will save you approximately £180 a year based on statistics from USwitch. Which means year on year you’ll benefit but there’s still the outlay to consider and rake back as that doesn’t add up.

Which is why there is such a thing as the Feed In Tariff scheme (FITs). This is a government run offering which rewards householders who wish to install solar panels for your home. If you generate more electricity than your household can consume then those who partake in the feed in tariff program and create green and renewable energy will receive money from the electricity suppliers.

There is a maximum however to the amount of money you can earn from the scheme but that I would presume is to cut abuse of the incentive and instead promote the idea that over time you save money and get your money back. The average householder installing photovoltaic solar panels can expect to recover their investment in green energy within ten years based on a return of up to £455.

Of course thanks to the voting citizens of the imaginary solar powered Winchester city. They elected members to the council who ensured they would buy solar panels for the entire city. The council worked directly with manufacturers, retailers and businesses to ensure a solar power system which functioned for the entire city. No incentives, just initial tax raising and business burden with the ability to offer reduced taxes and no reliance on a national grid in the future.

Saving Money & Renewable Energy: The Save The Planet Action

Can you really save money and reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing solar energy?

Can you really save money and reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing solar energy?

The world is ending, it’s getting hotter, we’re all going to fry… whatever your beliefs it’s obvious that as a human race which is advancing in evolution both on morals and through technology that we have to protect the environment in which we live. Naturally we wish to see trees thrive and green pastures grow and we wish for clean air to breathe.

At the same time we all like to save a bit of money. We’ve already shown you the average cost for solar panels but they need not cost you anything at all. There exists a variety of schemes which you can apply to receive completely free solar panels. I know free and saving you money, there has to be a catch, right? In the majority of cases yes.

If there’s ever an incentive supplied by government where you get money back on something that everybody uses, then businesses will be set up to benefit from such a service. Because there is an entry cost to installing solar panels and benefitting from solar power, the majority of people won’t have enough money to pay for the installation outright. At the same time they still wish to save up to or more than 50% on their electricity bills.

The catch is that the business takes a whole or part of your share on the Feed In Tariff Scheme. The company bares the cost of installation and the cost of the solar panels and you get all the electricity it generates during the day time that you can possibly utilise and the rest gets sold on to the national grid. In essence yes you can get free solar panels installed but for as long as the FIT program exists, the company will be benefitting from the installation.

If you’re happy with cheaper energy bills and that solution, then it’s great as it’s all perfectly legal. Not all properties qualify as there are strict conditions to maximise profit as well as sunlight. However another solution is an hybrid solar panel. the technology has been around for a while but is continually in development.

If you do have the money to invest yourself or you are able to take out a solar loan from a bank or dedicated dealership then consider a battery system. If you store the electricity your solar panels make, you don’t need to be concerned with giving your energy away cheaply, store it for use at night and only return to the power grid if you run out. Most homes generate more electricity through solar panels than they actually need so storage makes a lot of sense.

The most efficient diy solar panels may not be the cheapest but no matter which you invest in you will see a return on your investment one day. At least that much is guaranteed to occur and probably the whole point of pursuing solar panel installation in the first place.

For those concerned about renewable energy. Winchester solar panels work in very much the same as the rest in the world, only they all popped up in the same year and their community of eco citizens pay less taxes and pay no energy bills and only make a profit off of the rest of the country thanks to those silicon crystal atoms all bouncing around.

Commercial Solar Panels For Business

business in Winchester town centre

This business in Winchester town centre had solar panels installed to save money.

It’s not just the homeowners who benefited in our fairy tale story of solar panels in Winchester, business benefitted also and faced with an adiditonal income and money back even in a difficult recessionary climate they were able to get the bank to sign off on a loan so no working capital was used to upgrade to the self fulfilling Winchester solar power system.

PV solar panels or photovoltaic solar panels to term it a different way, can be applied to business premises as much as to homes and other residential areas. In fact it’s probably much easier for a company to invest in solar panel installation after researching and comparing the best on the market between solar power suppliers.

With commercial solar panels for business you need to consider the variety of ways in how setting up such a system can assist your business and here’s just a few;

  • Electricity bills are rising and are out of control. Consider getting in league with other companies on a solar power venture to stave off those bills. The sun will never charge you extra and it is only really the maintenance costs that will ever bug you.
  • The previously discussed feed in tariff is also an excellent way to monetise the electricity you don’t send to a battery for future usage. With an inflation linked 11% ensured by the UK government for two decades from now. An obvious way to reabsorb the costs and guarantee a sideline income.
  • Businesses are carbon mad. Take check of your carbon footprint and tell the world how eco friendly you are. A style of Winchester solar panel installation could reward your company with some great media reviews and show your customers and clients that you think about the issues that are foremost on people’s minds.
  • What were you doing with your roof anyway? If you have large warehouses or big buildings, what harm will it do to install solar power facilities to lower your energy bills and with floor space a valuable commodity, lower your business costs and square up the odds and generate a revenue stream which lowers the actual square footage costing.

So in short, a great return on investment, reduced operating costs and floor space (roof space) being used as a revenue generator that you never realised you had and you’ll be earning the eco label and showing credentials of a business that is savvy when it comes to renewable energy, saving the planet and replicating those solar panels in Winchester.

What have you learned from this? That if your home is facing the right direction then you can get several thousand pounds worth of free solar panels, no maintenance costs and you simply lose the feed in tariff revenue. Or you can receive a solar loan and pay the loan back through the feed in tariff. You can apply to a variety of agencies for government grants for solar panels but they’re in short supply.

Or you can simply buy solar panels yourself, buy solar panel kits and benefit from the savings on the electricity and at the same time make squillions on the feed in tariff. I feel while the FITs is great for the majority, the sooner people wise up and fit a battery to store, like they do in our fairy tale, with the solar power in Winchester conserved for night use also. Then more people will be turning off from the national grid and being completely self sufficient which is great news all round!

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