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Solar Energy Grants

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Solar Energy Grants

Solar energy grants are available in the form of feed in tariffs for solar pv installations. These have taken place of the old solar grants and can be a lot more lucrative to you, the homeowner.

The feed in tariff is a premium payment for every unit of electricity that is generated by solar energy systems. The Feed-in Tariff is tax free to domestic households and index linked to inflation for both commercial and domestic installations.

Many solar energy companies will now offer you free solar panels in exchange for your feed in tariff payments.
So you can see how lucrative it is. If you can afford to, you can buy the solar panels yourself and take all the payments. That way, you save on your bills and make money via the feed in tariff payments.

To be eligible for the feed in tariff, you will need to use a certified installer and products. Just do your homework as there are plenty of cowboys about.

Cheap solar power is easily achievable if you shop around. Do your homework, get different quotes and compare them. Do not take the first quote you receive. This may seem common sense but many people don’t before they look into solar panels.

With solar energy, you will have independence from the grid and will be doing your bit for the environment.

Solar energy is green, sustainable and renewable. It is the future! So what are you waiting for?

Other grants

There are other incentives available from several organisations that encourage the installation of various renewable energy installations as well.

The Energy Saving Trust program runs over 3 years and takes over from the last DTI Clear Skies and solar energy grants program  (at the time of writing).

These solar energy grants are open to households, public, not for profit and commercial organisations across the UK (except the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). These programmes will demonstrate how affordable solar panels, energy efficiency and microgeneration can work together to create low carbon buildings.

This includes;

Solar Panels for Water Heating
Wood Fuel Boilers
Automated Wood Pellet Stoves
Ground Source Heat Pumps
Wind and Micro-Hydro power
These grants are available because the government is pushing for the uptake of solar energy to reduce our reliance on traditional forms of energy.

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