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Electricity Prices – The Great Rip Off

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Ever increasing electricity prices could power the fledgling solar power energy industry to new heights.

For example, the UK homeowner had to contend with a staggering 40% increase in their fuel bills last year and it was the same over many parts of the world. And enough is enough!

Whilst we are paying these obscene rises, the electricity suppliers are still making huge profits.

You see, normally, most people are content to just carry on paying the exorbitant bills because they just can’t be bothered switching suppliers.

However, the recent rises in fuel bills and growing environmental concerns are encouraging people to install solar power the world over, switch to green electricity and shop around for the best electricity suppliers.

With hefty rebates being offered by most governments around the world to adopt solar and environmental issues coming to the fore, there has never been a better time to tell your electricity suppliers that you’ve had enough.

But Why Bother?

  • Secondly, it is becoming economically viable to invest in a solar energy home and green electricity, when in the past this wasn’t so. There is no need to be beholden to rising electricity prices.
  • And thirdly, if we don’t do something to help out the environment we will all be feeling the consequences of global warming.But if installing solar energy is a touch expensive for you right now, then why not just change to green electricity suppliers? Most major utility companies will now have special green energy deals. You could save a small fortune by switching electricity suppliers.

Businesses are making the switch

And it’s not just residential properties that are installing solar power. Companies and governments are making huge solar pv investments to combat global warming and rising fuel costs with many using green electricity suppliers.

And more and more companies are now willing to buy Renewable Obligation Certificates from customers with solar panels.

This means that people can make money by selling their excess electricity back to the electricity suppliers. Now how cool is that?

Not only have electricity suppliers hiked up prices dramatically in the last few years, but there is no real end in sight to those rises.

We have got to find alternatives and quickly. There are still obstacles slowing things down.

For example;

  • The red tape needs to be slashed.
  • There needs to be better incentives like in Germany and Spain.
  • Local distribution industry needs better scale economies.

Electricity Suppliers


If you generate less than 2000kwh per year then the best option is to sell Green Energy your ROCs for which they currently pay 3p per kWh ROC.

For more than 2000kWh generation you could sell the electricity that you don?t need back to Green Energy for 4p per kWh and 3p per kWh ROC.

You also need to pay them 15p per day standing charge to sell electricity to the National Grid and you will need an export meter as well as a generation meter. One type of small generator export meter is called a non-half hourly (NHH) meter. It costs about £75 plus VAT per year to operate.


These electricity suppliers currently pay 4.5p for each unit generated even if used on site. In return they claim the ROC you get from the government for generating renewable electricity. All the electricity you import from them is 100% renewable.


Npower Juice matches every unit of electricity you use and feeds the same amount generated from renewable sources into the National grid.

They currently pay the same rate for the units you export as the units you import from them. You must have an export meter fitted.

Npower Juice also buys back ROCs at the rate of £33.24 per Mwh.


EDF offer two options:An un-metered one with a flat rate of £10 per kW of turbine installed per annum.

A metered one paying 7.4p for every unit of electricity exported to the National Grid.

Useful resources

Click on solar photovoltaic energy for information on solar for electricity.

Or you could simply build your own generator.

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