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16 Solar Energy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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  1. Solar panels are better for the environment than traditional forms of energy. It can help combat global warming.
  2. Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, mobile phones, ipods and other small appliances.
  3. Solar energy is a renewable resource (it may go away at night, but we will always have it.)
    Fun Facts About Solar Energy

    Fun Facts About Solar Energy!

  4. The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year.
  5. Solar panels have many uses such as electricity productionand heating of water.
  6. Shell Oil predicts that 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2040. Solar panels will play a big part in that.
  7. There are 2 types of solar energy, passive solar energy and active solar energy.
  8. You can cook food using solar energy with a solar oven.
  9. Solar panels are becoming more and more popular. The worldwide demand for Solar Energy is currently greater than supply.
  10. Two billion people in the world have no access to electricity. For most of them, solar panels would be their cheapest electricity source, but they cannot afford it.
  11. If you have a really good solar power system, one that produces even more energy than you use, your utility company can buy it from you.
  12. Solar panels won’t pollute the atmosphere with CO2/carbon dioxide and other dangerous greenhouse fumes and bad emissions which is one of the main causes of global warming.
  13. We have used solar energy throughout history without giving it much thought. Check out our solar energy history.
  14. Solar Energy Systems: With over 40,000 solar systems installed in the UK solar power is becoming the leading source of providing alternative energy.
  15. In the UK we receive sufficient sunshine to provide up to 70% of our annual domestic hot water needs from well designed solar panels and such a system will also reduce harmful emissions by up to 500 kg per square metre of solar panel per year.
  16. The average household uses the equivalent of 3000kW hours of power per year to heat water. The South can boast that they could potentially collect nearly 1300kW hours/squar metre of solar panels yearly! This is energy that costs nothing, and is  waiting to be picked up and used all year round.

The facts about solar energy can’t be ignored!

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